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A Groundbreaking New Journal For Men

Mind Journal is a groundbreaking new journal built around a powerful framework that gets guys writing. Kickstart your writing today.

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Key Features of Mind Journal

Opens Flat

There’s nothing worse than trying to write in a book that you have to wrestle with. Not a problem here. Job done.

Highest Quality Paper

100% Italian, made in Italian mills using recycled, acid free ivory paper. The outcome: perfect notebook paper.

Man-Made Leather

No cows were harmed in the making of this journal & it's still soft, durable, water resistant & crushproof. Go figure.

Powerful Questions

Keeping a journal can be tough. Mind Journal makes it easier by using questions that lead to profound outcomes.

Perfect for Beginners

Designed to get tougher each time you use it, Mind Journal will help you gain confidence in your journaling as you go.

And Pro Journalers

Half the book has questions, the other half is blank. So you can choose if you want prompts or freestyle journaling.

Instruction Manual

Obviously us guys don’t need manuals to tell us how to use something, so you probably won’t read this one either.

Private & Protected

A band on the journal to stop it opening randomly & a durable case for extra protection equals double safe.

The Modern Day Man Journal

Mind Journal aims to bring back the legacy of guys keeping a journal. This important task has been forgotten over the years and now is a more crucial time than ever for guys to get writing again.

Locking up your thoughts is never a good idea. And talking about your stuff is tough. This unique journal uses a straightforward framework to help you manage the modern situations you face.

The Mind Journal for Men | Mind Journals

A New Kind of Tool

Using powerful questions that vary in difficulty as you progress, this journal can help you in a variety of situations that life often throws at you. It's a bit like a Swiss Army Knife, full of lots of little tools that can help you in a number of different scenarios.

The Mind Journal for Men | Mind Journals

Every Day Carry

Using a journal can feel like a chore and something you have to do. Mind Journal solves this by actively encouraging you in your writing sessions.

It’s so easy to use that it becomes seamless in your life. It becomes part of your lifestyle and has been designed to compliment all those other products in your life that you love and use, everyday.

The Mind Journal for Men | Mind Journals
The Story
The Mind Journal for Men | Mind Journals

“Journal writing is only for you”

by Professor Karen Pine

Although people have written journals for centuries, therapeutic writing was put under the microscope in the late 1980’s by psychologist James Pennebaker. He found that people who were asked to write down their deepest thoughts and feelings handled past traumas and emotional stress significantly better. The potent mechanism wasn’t actually the words that landed on the page. It was the act of expressing the feelings, getting them out of the mind and into an external space.

Why is this different from talking to a therapist? Some people fear being judged or find it hard to talk about their feelings. This is common in men who have been brought up to hide their feelings or come from families where emotions weren’t discussed. Research also suggests that writing may use parts of the brain not involved in talking, and be more accessible to men who struggle to talk about their feelings.

Since Pennebaker there have been over 200 scientific studies that confirm the benefits of therapeutic writing. Some have suggested that writing actually boosts the immune system. Since suppressing emotional turmoil takes effort, over time this stresses the body and can damage physical health. The short-term relief is a decrease in negative mood, distress and physical symptoms and an uplift in positive mood. Longer term these benefits extend to physical and mental health improvements. As a psychologist I believe this is one of the most accessible private methods for an individual who is looking for a way to help themselves feel better.

Join the movement

Be part of a growing pack of hundreds of other guys that have taken the step to start a journal. If you're still on the fence just scroll down a bit to hear what others have said about Mind Journal. Shop Now

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What other guys are saying


The toughest part of keeping a journal isn't deciding what to write, but writing in the first place. The Mind Journal helps keep you motivated by providing a series of questions and tasks to kickstart your writing and give you added confidence.

The LAD Bible

The Mind Journal is not just a standard journal, it's full of carefully selected questions that can lead to profound outcomes. It's a book that can help all young men deal with the modern situations they face.

The Huffington Post

This stylish journal uses a straightforward framework allowing guys to write down what's in their head in order to make sense of, and navigate, the challenges in life. Mind Journal offers a safe place for men to let their emotions run free.”


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